I recommend Ecommerce Hacks Weekly to every Shopify store owner who wants to grow their business week after week.
—Franz Sauerstein, Gründerschiff


Not Sure How to Grow Your Shopify Business?

Your Shopify business is stuck in a rut. You feel like you’re treading water, or like you’re on a hamster wheel. You haven’t increased your income meaningfully in a long time. You are bumping up against an invisible ceiling, and you have no idea how to break through it.

You have tried to educate yourself about how to get your business out of this rut. You’ve read all the articles, listened to all the podcasts, and attended all the webinars. You’ve probably even read a small mountain of business books – but you still don’t know exactly what to do. You're overwhelmed by all the great opportunities out there, but don't know what to do next.

Imagine Knowing Exactly What to do, and Fast

Imagine this – Imagine getting off the hamster wheel. Imagine working fewer hours per week. Imagine dramatically increasing your income. Imagine gaining a sense of control over your cash flow. Imagine having step-by-step instructions about what to do next to grow your Shopify business.

Introducing Ecommerce Hacks Weekly

A Weekly 5-Minute Video Series for Growing Your Shopify Store

Press the fast-forward button on your business. Sometimes all it takes to get unstuck when facing an insurmountable problem is to break it down. Turn that glacier into ice cubes.

Put the analysis paralysis behind you and learn exactly what to do next with weekly five minute videos from me— a ten year veteran of the ecommerce industry.

Receive a five-minute growth hack every week with one new technique to get more traffic, boost conversions, save time, and build a profitable Shopify business you love.

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Here's how it works:

  1. Every week (for 12 months) I'll send you a five-minute video with a simple explanation of an immediately applicable technique for getting more traffic and growing your Shopify businesses, one week at a time.
  2. You send me $19.99/month.

That’s it. That's the whole deal. No "one more thing" or "limited supplies" nonsense.

For less than $5/week, you'll receive a tip, trick, hack, system, or quick win, all with one intention: put more money in your pocket.

If you’re really serious about growing your Shopify store, then this is the ideal first step. 

Not only does my easy & actionable advice work, at only $19.99/mo it’s the tiniest investment you can make and still have a realistic expectation of results. 

Some examples of lessons you can expect:

I’m so sure that I can provide high-value, actionable advice in my videos that you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

What store owners are saying:

I learn every time: It's great to get a tip and trick every week to make myself and my store better. It's simple and convenient, I can watch a quick episode and take action. Ecommerce Hacks Weekly is a must for any Shopify store owner. There isn't a better weekly update out there giving trusted, actionable results to make your store money. I know I always look forward, week after week, to what I am going to learn next.

—Logan Ketterling, Urbain

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the e-commerce knowledge you have shared with us. I am so grateful for getting to learn so much ninja stuff from your weekly e-commerce hacks.

I like how efficient you are (you always go straight to point) when showing us ways to tweak our e-commerce website.

Thank you, Kurt!

—Felice Yeow, ZendoriArt.com

Before hitting "buy" on Ecommerce Hacks Weekly I was unsure if a weekly video format really could teach me something new. The concerns were entirely unwarranted. Kurt knows how to show valuable money-printing ecommerce wisdom in under 10 minutes each week. I recommend Ecommerce Hacks Weekly to every Shopify store owner who wants to grow their business week after week.

—Franz Sauerstein, Gründerschiff

I'm loving Ecommerce Hacks Weekly! Been a huge help so far and I'm learning a ton.

—Thomas Owen

I needed quality advice on how to improve my website for conversions, SEO, browsing, customer experience etc. I asked Kurt about his video series by email, and he told me all about Ecommerce Hacks Weekly. I signed up and started using Kurt's tips every week. The videos are easy to watch, concise, and actionable. Great content! It's great value and easy to implement Kurt's advice.

—Ben Leonard, Beast Gear

You're an inspiration. Really appreciate your help so far. I've already received more benefit than I've paid. 👏

—Jim Hudson, Alchemedia Ltd

If you’re serious about ecommerce, you need to make sure you’re doing it right. This is the smallest investment you can make that still provides solid results – and you get it for less than your budget.

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Get The First Lesson (Instantly) Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access your previous 5 minute videos?
You won't miss anything! It's a drip series. You'll start a week one.

Are the tips and tricks things I can do myself, or things I'll need a web guy to do?
Everything is DIY friendly. In some videos, you'll learn how to modify your theme. You'll get a screencast showing you exactly how to do it, and you'll get the code to copy & paste. And of course you can always hit reply on an email and ask me for help.

Are the tips and tricks things I'll need to pay extra for (apps and such).
I'm a bootstrapper myself, so my focus is on free or inexpensive solutions to growing your store.

Can you give a specific example of something you'd advise?
Sure! In Lesson 8, I'll show you how I easily create search-optimized product page titles.
In Lesson 9, I give you the diabolical simple way to make cold outreach easy.
In Lesson 48, we look at the importance of typography on conversions

If you follow my advice, I know you won't be disappointed by the results.

Grab your subscription now while it’s still fresh in your mind

And if you stop getting value out of it?
Cancel anytime. No questions asked.


Kurt Elster

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